VidEra Review

In this blog post , you will discover everything you should learn about VidEra . What exactly is it? Prices as well as oto’s, a demo video and the bonuses I offer. My aim is to assist you make an educated decision to avoid losing money.  VidEra  is made available to you by Victory Akpos Also, the company is the creator ofCoursEmpire CopyMatic, TypeKit, VideoMatic, DFY Review Funnels, Octane, VidEra ct, LSA Agency, EZY ProfitSites and several other high-end software products. The big issue is: is VidEra worth the investment?

 I’ll let you know if the software does all the right things and, If it does then I’ll offer you amazing freebies that which you’ll only get directly from me. In short,  VidEra is a platform which will let you create video funnels or video pages, as well as video emails. I’m sure you’re aware of how traditional funnels work isn’t it? There’s the sales page, followed by the upsells. With VidEra you can perform the exact same thing by using videos. Of course, there’s more and everything can be found in the following section.

If this seems like something you’d be looking for, then stay with me as I’ll explain more in this post, including price and upsells as well as my demonstration video. I’ve also put together a few amazing bonuses to you should you choose to purchase MailerKit by clicking my link for free with the purchase. Let’s move on to the next part of my VidEra Review to discover the what exactly VidEra offers and what it does to benefit you and your company.

What Exactly Is VidEra ?

VidEra is a cloud-based software that lets users to create video funnels as well as video pages and emails.  VidEra lets you create and send highly customized video messages that convert potential buyers into buyers and build stronger business relations. Through three different channels, instead of relying solely on typed out, faceless email templates, text-based funnels and websites which lack personality, emotion and tone. That can result in your message being ignored or misinterpreted. With VidEra they‘re not simply adding another video app on the market, but they’re clearly bringing a new and powerful 3-in-1 marketing tool that incorporates the capabilities of three great applications in one.

Video Funnels

Utilize video in the lead-generation funnels you use to personalize it and to get better quality leads. Video funnels create a stronger connection with prospects and allow them to be pre-qualified through the recording of a series of questions. Video recordings help you meet close to prospects, building a greater degree of confidence.

Video Email

Are you fed up with leads who aren’t engaged? Change your email messages to video and create a more human connection with your leads. By using video, your leads feel heard and understood. They are more interested in the process, they are more engaged and ready to move on. With VidEra your message are as personal as they are effective, efficient, and captivating like a face-to-face conversation.

Video Pages

This is your online way to introduce yourself and your business in the most authentic way.  VidEra Video Page is the fastest, most efficient closing device in sales. In the end, VidEra is the ultimate pattern interruptor. It’s time to increase your revenue with video. It’s time for you to go beyond just creating videos, to include them in your funnels to attract more leads, send out efficient video messages to build stronger business relationships and to engage your prospects more than ever before. Additionally, you can use video pages to make sales easily. We’ll now jump to the next part of my VidEra Review to learn how VidEra operates.

How VidEra Works? : Demo Video

We’ll now move to the next part in the my VidEra Review to learn details about VidEra prices and the possibility of upsells.

VidEra Review: Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the primary software  VidEra  that It will cost you the sum of $47. For the first offer, the price that you are currently seeing is only available during the launch time. After the launch period, which will expire on December 4th, 2021, prices will increase or become monthly installments. I’m not certain, however you can always visit this page for the current prices. The frontend access isn‘t dependent on any upgrades to function. It works perfectly on its own , but it’s also restricted. If you’d like to have all-inclusive access to this program and have unlimited access, then take advantage of OTO 1. Now let’s take an overview of the Upsells, also known as OTO’s.

  • OTO #1: VidEra Unlimited Edition $67
  • OTO #2: VidEra DFY Video Marketing Agency $147
  • OTO #3: VidEra Video Course Creation Suite $47
  • 4. OTO 4: VidEra White-Label license $97 $197 / $297
  • OTO #5: VidEra Unlimited Traffic $67
VidEra Review: Bundle Deal $267

This bundle can cost you less If you’d like to have access to all the OTO’s on VidEra . This bundle lets you have the entire funnel all upsells, OTO’s and upsells at an affordable price. one-time payment . Bundle Deal includes all Upsells and a one-time $267 payment. If you’re interested, click the orange button. Orange button just to be used for bundle deals . The The red buttons represent the buttons for the FE and the OTO’s. you may want to consider purchasing.

The online competition is constantly level as many companies have migrated to the internet due to the epidemic of Covid in the year 2000. Since everyone is trying to attract the same customers the most effective method to distinguish yourself is to get personal by using video. Up until now, you’d have at least three applications to accomplish just the bare minimum of the work VidEra can do. In contrast to older, more complicated applications, VidEra makes use of its power A.I. and tested ‘done for you templates to take the strain off of your shoulders. This means less effort as well as less time and improved outcomes. So let’s get to the next part of my VidEra Review to learn more about VidEra benefits and features.

VidEra Review: Features & Benefits

VidEra step-by-step video training

They’ll teach you how to begin using VidEra as soon as possible and how they’ve personally used VidEra to generate free traffic for buyers from three channels and how they increase the engagement of customers to achieve massive gains quickly.

template DFY

Get right into the action using ‘done-for-you video page templates, ‘done for You video funnel templates and “done for You” email templates.

Upgrade free for the VidEra Commercial Licence

This provides you with another opportunity to earn money with VidEra . They will show you how to make use of this feature to make more money. They normally charge the price of $197, however you can get it free today. 24/7 support even though the program is user-friendly and easy to use, they wouldn‘t want anything to hinder you from starting right away. This is why they’ve included support services, in case you’ve got questions or require assistance using the program.

Custom Bonus 1: Free Account With ReedBio

ReedBio is my personal cloud-based software that lets you create vCards as well as Bio Pages in a matter of minutes. You will also get Unlimited free access to ReedBio to ReedBio when you purchase VidEra via my link. Click here for a live Demo.

  • There are four themes built-in that you can start using immediately.
  • Custom logo backgrounds, backgrounds, fonts SEO settings security for passwords and many more.
  • Dark Mode: Each of of your pages can be dark and more
  • Pixels for tracking: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixels available.
  • Connect your domain to ours or choose one of our already defined ones

Custom Bonus 2: Free WP With Video Reviews PRO

The benefit of this plug-in is that, for each page on your site it is possible to have a unique video widget on each page. For instance, for the homepage page, you could have a video, while for an article, you could have another video, while for blog posts you could include a second video. This is a powerful feature and it’s absolutely free when you purchase VidEra by clicking my link. Boost your sales: Video widgets have an emotional impact. Video testimonials or video trailers to boost conversions. Personalize your site: Include a live-streamed video of your team, and you’ll be familiar with the people who will be watching. Make yourself stand out from your competition: Nowadays, businesses are insular, and the websites have become similar and the advantages are similar, so you must search for new ways to use your technology. Videos Reviews widget is a brand new solution for your company. Pay more focus: Inform your visitors to your website and make sure that no crucial detail is missed by them. This widget isn‘t prone to blindness to banners.

  • 100% Responsive
  • Multiple pages and videos
  • Play the video starting from beginning to end when you tap or click it.
  • Include a Call To Action button with a variety of alternatives
  • Scroll to a block of text on the page of a website
  • Enter URL to open a different page
  • Opening a pop-up window or launching a quiz etc.
  • Button color settings
  • The ability to disable widgets for desktop or mobile devices.
  • Select Widget location
  • Widget color settings
  • It won’t slow down your website. The widget will load when your website is fully loaded.

Reseller License Bonuses

  • Reseller License to BotEngage
  • Reseller License to Upreachr
  • Reseller License to SociFluencer
  • Reseller License to InstantProfitStores
  • Reseller License to LeadsProfiter
  • Reseller License to Instantagency
  • Reseller License to DFYLeadfunnel
  • Reseller License to InstantDigiProfitz
  • Reseller License to EzyProfitSites
VidEra Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is VidEra ?

VidEra creates amazing video funnels that feature customized video pages that increase engagement. It can also create videos that send emails to customers at no cost in just 27 seconds, all through one simple dashboard.

Is VidEra really a good choice for beginners?

It is true that VidEra has been designed to be user-friendly, 100% beginner-friendly, and comes with a user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to immediately jump into action, without technical expertise or prior experience.

Are there charges per month?

There aren’t any monthly charges for VidEra . One-time payment.

Does it work on iPhone, Android, Mac and even on a PC?

Absolutely, VidEra runs on cloud servers, meaning that you can access it from any device that has an internet connection.

Does training and support come with it? included?

Yes, support and training is provided at no extra cost when you purchase this offer now.

Does VidEra offer a money-back guarantee with VidEra ?

Yes, you’re fully covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Final Verdict: Is VidEra Worth It?

VidEra has been proven to increase engagement, improve conversions and deliver more outcomes. Additionally, VidEra helps you more than ever before to design amazing video funnels that are personalized with videos and send videos that grab attention through a single, easy dashboard.  VidEra was developed with an eye on the essential attributes that marketers on the internet require to make the most of their profits, by harnessing the potential of video. It doesn’t require any specific technical expertise to achieve results using VidEra .
It’s a software tool that‘s 3-in-1 that lets you make videos pages, funnels and video emails in just several clicks. I hope you find my  VidEra Review helpful. If you find this product you’re thinking of purchasing just click the buttons on this page and you‘ll be  VidEra  by using my bonus offers for free. Get your VidEra license today risk-free. Your investment is protected by the hassle-free refund policy. Thank you for taking the time to read my  VidEra Review . I’ll update you with my next reviews. Goodbye!
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