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The more people you connect with the more successful your results will be. The truth is that many marketers earn more from their list than making sales of products they sell. This is because their list isn’t a single-time cash-flow generator, but it could produce recurring income that is evergreen as well as regularly send out messages and increase sales each day.

But, creating an email list in the traditional method involves a lot of steps that are time-consuming and difficult. It is possible to offer something customers would like in exchange for email addresses once they join your list. It’s going to take a lot of time creating an information product and get e-covers designed and then hoping it’s sufficient to convince individuals to join.

The worst part is it might not even receive sign-ups. It’s becoming harder and harder to make people give their email addresses since they’re already overwhelmed with emails and inboxes that are overloaded.

What you need in the present is an autoresponderor email marketing tool to collect details of contacts and then send emails. It is possible to sign up new subscribers within a single click, instead of having to fill in the form with their names and email.

Imagine growing your list across all tablets, desktops, and mobile platforms all at once without the need to pay anyone. Isn’t it amazing and almost impossible?

Find out more about it in my latest review on this brand new item called “Clickspush .” .

About The Product

Clickspush  creates your list automatically , and allows you to send promotional messages and messages to your customers in 3 easy steps:

First step: Add 1 code line to your site

Copy this “Clickspush “code to any webpage where you would like to create your list.

Second Step: be watching as Clickspush makes your list automatically for you.

Each site that you have added the code to will begin adding subscribers, without your intervention.

step 3. Create and send out messages from your dashboard

Include your message as well as any other link you wish to promote, affiliate links, products or social media profiles or anything else. You can have your message out in a matter of seconds , with just one click.

Clickspush Review- About The Creator

The person who created this item Is Brett Ingram.

He is the top-ranked partner and seller on JVZoo and has developed many online products which have been sold to millions. He was awarded numerous awards and was featured in the NY Times Bestselling author’s book.

Let’s look at some of his previous releaseseLearn Empire, VideoEnginePRO, InstaDesignPRO, JV Madness, Excelsior, VSL Creator, and more within the next few months.

Clickspush Review- What Can You Gain From Buying This Package?

Clickspush gives you everything you require to create and profit from a subscriber list:

= Build A Subscriber List Automatically

Include one line of code on any website, and you can start adding subscribers in just a few minutes from now.

= Get Subscribers From Desktop, Mobile, And Tablet All In One

Every user of computers tablets, laptops, laptops and mobile phonesall in one , allowing you to build your list quickly.

= Add Subscribers From Virtually Any Website Including Platforms Like Clickfunnels

Subscribe alerts to your website across any platform, that is self-hosted or 3 3rd third party platforms such as Clickfunnels.

= Create Unblockable Subscribe Alerts

Make use of the HTTPS option, and subscribe alerts are not blocked, which means that all visitors will be able to view the alerts and your list will expand even more quickly.

= Convert Visitors To Subscribers In 1 Click

You can enjoy a phenomenal signup rate and a soaring growth of your list because people sign up with one click without having to fill in.

= Customize Subscribe Alerts Style And Location

Utilize box styles to stand out, or the bar for a cleaner appearance, or the an native design to fit to the overall user experience. Display in the center, at the top or at the at the bottom.

= Customize Subscribe Alerts Appearance

It can be displayed instantly or show during a delay. You can make it translucent or even solid. Utilize the preloaded messages or design your own. Also, you can modify the icons and buttons.

= Send Messages To Desktop, Mobile, And Tablet All In One

Directly send messages to users via laptops, computers tablets, mobile phones, all in one to reach a wide audience.

= Send Messages With Real-Time Instant Delivery

Send messages instantly and recipients will see them right on their devices in a matter of seconds the moment you press send.

= Customize Messages

Create custom headlines, text images, links call-to-action buttons, as well as icons. Select up to two CTA buttons with different texts and hyperlinks.

= Personalize Messages

Send messages to subscribers via the same site that they joined and ensure that messages are targeted and customized to increase clicks as well as conversion rate.

= Send Unlimited Messages With No Monthly Fee

You can customize headlines texts images, hyperlinks make calls to create and send as numerous messages as you’d like. You’re not restricted or charged for additional messages, which means you’re in total control.

= Add Unlimited Subscribers With No Monthly Fee

Expand your list as big as you’d like, and then include unlimited subscribers. There is no limit or billed extra, which means you are able to expand your business in any direction.

= Zero Competition

Your messages are delivered directly to the devices of your subscribers and appear in a single, distinct way so that they are able to focus on your message with no interruptions or rivals.

= Split Test Messages To Optimize Click And Conversion Rate

Create two versions of your messages , and half of your list receives each one , so you can analyze and improve which messages get the most effective results.

= Stats Dashboard

Monitor your list’s growth, the growth of your website and message views as well as clicks to be sure you understand the source of your results from and the factors that are working.

Clickspush Review- How To Use It?

After you have successfully logged in, here is the details you will see at the top of the screen such as this:

= Create New Websites

The first step is to add any new websites you wish to add to lists for.

Go over to“Websites” in the “Websites” section and select “Create New” to begin creating a brand new site.

= Setup Your Website

In this stage you will need to alter the settings on your website in the next steps.

You must give some details similar to that as follows:

= Create Sales Letter Templates

It’s now time to modify the templates for sales letters. You can change the design, layout the title, subtitle or select the color for denial and accept button to upload your logo, for example.

After filling in the information and modifying your sales letter according to your preferences, go back to the Websites section to access the code to download the code.

This tool will give you the code in the following format. All you have to do is paste the code in and add it on your index page.

If you’d like to know the performance of every website, visit the “Activity” section.

= Customize The Push Messages

The next step is to complete all the necessary information to make the push announcement to your marketing campaign.

This step is crucial since it’s the most crucial factor in making sure that your campaign grabs the attention of your clients or not.

After you’ve completed the work, your customers will get an email with the following format:

Why Should You Invest In This?

I’d like to stress another time that creating your own lists of contacts is by far the most efficient, most affordable, and simplest method to increase views, traffic as well as clicks, actions and sales.

Since all you have to do is send out messages for results to be generated upon demand. So, I strongly endorse this program Clickspush because it’s the most efficient and fastest way to start and make money from a list. And it’s also only a fraction of the price.

However, there’s something more significant and significant about it. There’s a reason Facebook may reject your advertisements YouTube channels could be closed Social media accounts could be shut down and search engines may alter their rankings and autoresponder accounts could be suspended at any time without notification or warning and there’s no way to stop it.

With the Clickspush service,you can rest and not have to worry about being removed from the network or being shut down as you control the traffic, so you’re in total control.

Clickspush is designed to be able to help you from the moment you start however, you are able to modify everything and anything to ensure you get the perfect user experience and the results you’re looking for.

It is a complete marketing and list-building machine in one!

Clickspush Review- Price And Evaluation

If you are deciding to buy this fantastic product, make sure you take action now with the one-time cost for $27. But, this one-time payment is only offered for a limited amount of time. They can move to a monthly plan at any point.

If they decide to do so, it will be an amazing deal when in comparison to other companies however, you’ll regret it a lot because of the huge loss in comparison to the small investment you made.

Additionally, you are provided with the 30-day assurance policy that means you can claim 100% refund if you test this test and it fails for you. Contact support and they’ll reimburse you immediately!

It’s ideal to act fast, as this limited-time offer is still available and reap amazing benefits.

Clickspush Review- The Upsells

Also, take a look at upsells below:

OTO1: Clickspush MAX ($47)

[+Split test messages to maximum conversions

[+Calendar messages for 365 days of automation

[+] Send automated welcome messages to all new subscribers to establish trust

Hyper-targeted viewers based on language browsers the type of device, the OS and even the country in which you reside.

OTO2: Clickspush DESIGNER ($49)

[+] Do-it-yourself fully-editable templates for messages

[+] Full graphic design studio that can create custom graphics messages

(+) A massive library of visual elements that is built-in to the system.

[+] Download templates in just one click

Edit and save to cloud and then send it in one click, or create graphics from scratch.

OTO3: Clickspush AGENCY ($77)

[+Agency license to sell marketing and list building services to customers

[+] Agency for obtaining clients Website

[+] Clients can be provided with done-for-you proposals and contracts

(plus) Done-for-you marketing and messaging templates

OTO4: Clickspush RESELLER ($97)

Resell rights license for the company Clickspush  to market and earn 100% profit.

[+] Proven high-converting sales page

Professional promotion equipment, swipes of emails and banners with graphics.

Help, Back Office and the processing of payments are all handled for you. Profit and sell!

Clickspush Review- Bonuses From The Creator Team

And that’s not all and you’ll also get the enormous bonus package If you choose to take action right now in this launch

Clickspush Review- Pros And Cons


Create a list of subscribers with real, targeted 80 percent of opens and clicks, 15% clicks

In-Memory Delivery automatic

Don’t bribe people to signup or false address for email

A new and powerful marketing device that is completely uncontested


$X I’m extremely satisfied with the high-quality of this program.

Who This Works For?

This product is for those who are willing to act and do not want to be left out of a life-changing chance.

There’s no limit of this incredible product, everyone can gain tremendously of this program. Therefore, let’s see whether you are on the following list:

+ Webmasters

+ affiliate marketers

+ Bloggers

+ Podcasters

+ Entrepreneurs

+ Marketing on social media

Plus Authors and publishers

+ Advertisers

+ Creators of the product

Plus E-commerce store owner

and Offline Business Owners

+ Anybody who would like to increase traffic

Plus anyone who is looking to earn cash online

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